Welcome to our website

Who we are - We are freelance web site designers based in Merseyside, providing custom web site design services to individuals, businesses and companies. We mainly work within the North West ( of the UK ) allowing us to provide a local and therefore personable service - visiting customers to discuss requirements and collect information and photographs.

Websites are becoming increasingly important - Everybody from individuals posting photographs of loved ones on a small website; through to larger companies selling their wares. More and more people are becoming computer savvy and will want to search the internet for products and services as the first step in making their choices. ( See final paragraph * )     We think the YELLOW PAGES have had their day.

A website is KEY to promoting your business
making you to stand out from the crowd. They allow you to market yourself more effectively, and give you the opportunity to post recommendations and commendations that you have received. They allow you to print photographs of your previous work and specify ball park prices - in fact anything that will clinch the initial phone call.

Why you are here - Visitors to this web site probably require a professional web designer to create a quality design for their web site, and to have expert advice available to answer their questions and with whom they can discuss layouts and web designs. Being freelance, working hours aren't generally nine to five, so not only do you get great prices, but you also benefit from the flexibility that comes with using freelance designers.

What we provide - We provide a range of web services - from standard web design services to more complex site solutions and services, such as e-commerce / online shopping, and database driven solutions and services. Above all, providing clients with affordable but effective solutions is paramount. We are also able to re-design or update existing web pages and / or produce a website from web templates you may have available.


* - This propensity to search the web for products and services is also driven in part from the ease with which people working within offices can switch a browser from work mode to non-work mode without the 'boss' or other colleagues being aware that 'no work is being done' from their a particular desk. ( This is the main reason why we recommend not putting background sound on websites - that coupled with the fact the sound track is invariably too short and repeats too frequently - which is also very irritating. )